Why a wee God?

Because we fancy him far off in the cosmic distance. And because we prefer him to be like us. He takes on a form that is manageable, even malleable. Our imaginations aren't expanded, as God intended, by his mind-bending self-revelation in the Scriptures, particularly through his Son, Jesus the Messiah, whom he raised from the dead on Easter.

God is the ultimate reality. He is immanent in and beyond the universe, and yet transcendent at once. He who sustains matter and mind simply IS. The loving and all-powerful God will not be remade and defined in your own image. Be transformed as you renew your mind - breathe in His spirit and truth.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Personal Intercession and Supplication

Work: I expect that the fruit of my labor be initiated by Your manifest presence, empowered by your Spirit, and marked by a peculiarly Christlike life. I’m not satisfied to “divide my sacrifice on the altar, and rearrange and count the pieces with never a care that there is not a sign of fire upon the top of lofty Carmel.” I want my work to be an expression of your will and power.

Marriage, Parenting, Friendships: Help me lay down my shield, tear down my walls. May I connect with my Wife, my daughters, my friends, your people and your world – emotionally and spiritually. May my heart burn as your heart does for the sheep in your pasture.

Emily – Peace and joy. Love for you alone. Show her (and me) where you are at work, and how she should join you. Open and close doors as you lead her where she is to use her enormous gifting. Help her lavish love on her kids. Give victory in her personal struggles. Protect her from the evil one, and keep her safe.

Elizabeth – May your Word be her rudder, and your Holy Spirit be the wind in her sail that waxes and wanes. May her gifts be turned outward to bless many. Teach her to be hungry for you, and to be fed only by your presence and faithful obedience. Lead her, Lord, guide her. Protect her from the evil one, and keep her safe.

Tori – Strengthen her in her walk with you, Lord. Put an insatiable hunger in her heart for you and your Word. May she be content and joyful in you alone. Help her in her struggles, empower her to express your Glory through the gifts you’ve given her. Lead her, Lord, guide her. Protect her from the evil one, and keep her safe.

Patrick: Vindicate him, Lord. Glorify yourself through him. Protect him and fill him with love, joy and peace.

My family, Franklin and Bradford: Draw them deeper, and give peace and joy in return. Protect them from the evil one, and keep them safe. Shine your wisdom on Joe, keep him grounded, and use him mightily as you give him prosperity.

MFBC: your precious local bodily expression. Lead us into the path of your blessing. Help us lead your sheep with wisdom. With your fire. With desperation and abandon. May we die to ourselves and to our dreams. Oh God, provide all we need for what you want us to do, that you alone might be glorified through the Church. Money, gifts, desire. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Grant us your empowering presence, especially as we gather in your name. Teach us to pray. Teach us to love. Teach us walk-on-water faith. Guide, lead, provide for Bruce and our elders. Also, my team, staff, volunteer leaders and the weak in our midst. Free our people from the grip of cultural materialism and self absorption.