Why a wee God?

Because we fancy him far off in the cosmic distance. And because we prefer him to be like us. He takes on a form that is manageable, even malleable. Our imaginations aren't expanded, as God intended, by his mind-bending self-revelation in the Scriptures, particularly through his Son, Jesus the Messiah, whom he raised from the dead on Easter.

God is the ultimate reality. He is immanent in and beyond the universe, and yet transcendent at once. He who sustains matter and mind simply IS. The loving and all-powerful God will not be remade and defined in your own image. Be transformed as you renew your mind - breathe in His spirit and truth.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

J.B. got it right!

J.B. Phillips - I owe him a great debt. He wrote a book in 1952 of the same title as that of this blog. One of those rare titles that makes the content of the book secondary. (Another such title is A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, by Eugene Peterson. Wow, I get it. I great description of the life of the Christ follower.) Anyway, here is a list of attributes we've ascribed to our too-small-god:

Phillips emphasizes that your God is too small if:
1) He is only a resident policeman- Slaps your hands, but does not save.
2) Parental hangover- Hand-me-down convictions....and not your own.
3) Grand old man- Spoils you, but no discipline.
4) Meek and mild- Good words, but God is more than that.
5) Heavenly bosom- You cannot hide from life, for life is real!
6) God in a box- Too small of a concept...and letting Him out only on Sunday.
7) Managing Director- He not only directs, but goes before us to direct our way!
8) Second-hand God- Never made Him our own...hearsay only.
9) Perennial Grievance- Gripe, but no grip on life.
10) Pale Galilean- Too weak to help much.

Let us no longer hold such views of our mighty God, the Lord of Glory!

Hat tip: Travis Wigington

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